Visit a Port Hedland Camping Store to Stock Up

Before you trek out into the Pilbara to see what treasures it might have in store for you, make your first stop at the Port Hedland camping store. Whether you're new to prospecting or hoping to stock up on a new and more

Preparing Yourself to Go Prospecting in Pilbara Made Simple

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Get the Panning Equipment You Need to Find Hidden Gold in Pilbara

Pilbara is home to natural beauty and rare finds that you will only be able to discover with panning equipment. In the decade since gold was first discovered here, people have flocked to try their luck and see what more

Get All the Supplies You Need at a Camping Shop in Karratha

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Get the Right Coil in Karratha for Your Specific Needs

The science behind metal detectors is the relationship between electricity and magnetism, working together to create an electromagnetic field, transmitting it to the coil, finding hidden metals. The kind of coil in Karratha more

Minelab Detectors Available in Australia

Minelab has been producing prospecting equipment for 25 years and giving potential treasure finders the best chance at finding their loot. That is why Pilbara Prospecting & Camping Supplies know that we more

Pilbara Prospecting & Camping Supplies is Your Source for Minelab in Karratha

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Pilbara Prospecting & Camping Supplies Offers a Gold Prospecting Metal Detractor

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