Gold Prospecting Metal Detector

Pilbara Prospecting & Camping Supplies Offers a Gold Prospecting Metal Detractor

Pilbara Prospecting & Camping Supplies offers a wide selection of equipment for those looking to strike it rich with a gold prospecting metal detector. Gold is an elusive metal, often hiding in small amounts at the bottom of a river, or underground. With one of our metal detectors capable of finding minute quantities of gold, you won’t be leaving any behind on your next prospecting trip.

What Sets Pilbara Prospecting & Camping Supplies Apart Regarding Prospecting Supplies

Our wide selection of prospecting supplies and the experience and knowledge our team can provide with them sets us apart from the rest. You can expect the following when you shop with us:

  • Our inventory includes all the supplies you need to prospect for gold. With innovative and incredibly sensitive gold prospecting metal detectors such as the Minelab GPZ 7000, you will have the ultimate advantage, finding gold others might have missed.
  • Don’t forget about some of the lower-tech solutions we can offer. With our Gold panning supplies, you can start your hunt for gold in the way they did back during the gold rushes in Australia and the Americas at the time.
  • When you order online, you can expect to get your supplies quickly. We always send orders out within 48 hours of receiving them. Weekend orders will go out first thing Tuesday morning.

History of Prospecting in the Pilbara Region

Prospecting has a long history in the Pilbara region, beginning with the early European exploration in the 19th century. While the area is primarily known for its iron mining, it has a rich history with other metals, including gold. Here are a few of the most critical points in that history:

  • Before the discovery of any gold, copper was discovered in Whim Creek in 1872, staring the mining industry in the area. The Whim Creek Copper Mine is still in operation today. In 1887, prospectors discovered gold 20km north.
  • In the following years, the Pilbara region became more popular, and gold prospecting grew, and more gold was discovered at different locations in the Pilbara region. Two of these locations were the Coongan River and Mallina where gold was found in the 19th century, but most interests in gold remained to the south in Western Australia’s goldfields area.
  • The current interest in prospecting in the area derives from an accidental discovery. Aerial cattle musters flew after a wayward cow and found a hidden prospector’s camp. When they returned with detectors, they found gold littering the area.

About the People at Pilbara Prospecting & Camping Supplies

For over five years, we have been supplying prospectors with gold detecting equipment. We strive to offer everything needed to start your hunt for gold whether you are a seasoned prospector or a beginner looking for a fun and potentially lucrative hobby. You can count on our advice as much as you can count on the high quality gold prospecting supplies. If you have ever dreamed of finding the motherload, Contact us today to learn more about how we can supply you with the tools you need.