Panning Equipment

Get the Panning Equipment You Need to Find Hidden Gold in Pilbara

Pilbara is home to natural beauty and rare finds that you will only be able to discover with panning equipment. In the decade since gold was first discovered here, people have flocked to try their luck and see what they can uncover. If you’d want to increase your odds of finding gold nuggets, then you’ll need gold prospecting equipment and good fortune.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Professional Gold Mining Equipment

Prospecting isn’t for everyone, as it takes more effort and time than you’d think at first. Consider these recommendations before you start exploring:

  • Even more than luck, patience is the most important quality. You can’t expect to visit Pilbara and immediately stumble across several kilograms of gold. Instead, it’s a slow process that involves carefully sifting through the spots that may have hidden treasure.
  • Don’t rely on low-quality equipment that isn’t up for the task. You’ll be using metal detectors and other tools every day, so if they aren’t trustworthy, they’ll only waste your time. Rely on brands such as Minelab and Coiltek to help you find the gold you seek.
  • Protect against the sun with sturdy clothing. It’s easy to lose track of time, and extended sun exposure can lead to sun sickness, heatstroke, or permanent damage to your skin. Don’t neglect sun lotion and durable clothing as you spend long days in Pilbara.

If you keep those points in mind, you’ll stay safe as you prepare to join the gold rush and uncover your treasure.

Why You Should Buy Gold Panning Equipment From Pilbara Prospecting & Camping

Without a pro-gold panning kit, you’re not in a good position to find gold throughout Pilbara. Here are a few reasons that you should look into this equipment before your visit:

  • Gold panning has a long history, dating back to the 1880s. Periodically, lucky Australians have found new gold locations such as Kalgoorlie, Norseman, Sandstone, and Mount Magnet. In 2008, Pilbara joined their company as a new place where Australians can strike it lucky.
  • Pilbara offers an unusual blend of natural beauty. Its remote location means it’s far from the hustle of the city and its tropical climate leads to a rainless period between June and November. Plan your visit accordingly, as the rains between December and May can knock nuggets loose and help you find gold on your next visit.
  • You need more than a keen eye to find gold, even with good luck on your side. You can use gold panning equipment to detect hidden deposits beneath the ground and sort the gold from the chaff.

About Pilbara Prospecting & Camping Supplies

Our team is happy to welcome visitors from across Australia to the unique setting of Pilbara. We’ve been running for five years and had the pleasure of helping prospectors get the equipment they need to discover gold and bring nuggets home to their families. We always strive to offer top-quality service, supply reliable equipment and help everyone who comes through our doors have the best chance to find their treasure. Contact us to order ahead for shipment across Australia or plan your visit.