Prospecting in Pilbara

Preparing Yourself to Go Prospecting in Pilbara Made Simple

Ever since the discovery of surface gold in 2017, prospecting in Pilbara has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds. If you're among the hopefuls looking to uncover chunks of gold lurking beneath the surface of the soil, the right gear will make a big difference to your experience. At Pilbara Prospecting & Camping Supplies, we're here to help you gear up and head out.

Fun Facts About Our Prospecting Equipment in Pilbara

Our prospecting equipment is all you need for your hunt, and we are located in the heart of it all, Pilbara.

  • The technology we supply puts the power to find gold right in your hands, with equipment such as the GPZ 7000 representing the cutting edge in modern metal detection technology. Designed by industry-leading manufacturer Minelab, the many detectors we offer have powerful penetrating capabilities and responsive feedback solutions.
  • We do more than only fancy metal detectors; did you know we've got what you need to dress comfortably while you're out prospecting, too? We're the best resource for a prospecting hat near Karratha, for example. Its wide brim and neck cover is perfect for sun protection while its unique construction lets you wear your metal detector's headphones at the same time.
  • We have equipment that can boost the effectiveness of your metal detector by amplifying the returns. Listen carefully through your headset, and you might even hear the sound of a hidden find coming back at you.

With one trusted resource for all your prospecting needs, you can take much of the hassle out of the preparation process.

Tips for Planning for Gold Prospecting in Pilbara

Want to ensure that you're going to have a good time on your search? Keep these pointers in mind:

  • Make a list of all the prospecting gear you'll need before you begin shopping. This list will both allow you to plan your budget and ensure that you do not accidentally forget anything before you head into the bush. Once you know you've covered all the necessary ground, ticking items off the list as you shop online or in the store is all that's left.
  • Remember the backup equipment, such as cables and batteries for your detector, alongside essential consumables such as food and water. Even if you plan to return to lodging at the end of every day you spend prospecting; you'll still need to carry plenty of water. We offer bags and backpacks to make bringing all this gear, less burdensome. 
  • Always make sure you know where you can and cannot look for gold. Some areas are off-limits to prospectors. Organising your Miner's Right should be one of the first things you plan to do before setting off to start your search for gold. 

Knowing where to go if you do find gold is important, too. Don't worry; we buy gold!

Why Pilbara Prospecting & Camping Supplies is a Cost-Effective Resource

As a leading resource for miners and prospectors trekking into the Pilbara region, we have the in-depth experience to source valuable products at competitive prices. Don't break the bank before you've ever uncovered the first nugget of your prospecting career; stock up quickly and more affordably instead. Explore our products, or let us know if you have questions.