Coil 19" GPZ 7000 Minelab

Coil 19" GPZ 7000 Minelab

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: Deeper Detection: This Coil gives an average depth increase of 30% when tested under a variety of Conditions and with different target sizes. High Yield (Gold Mode) gave superior results with nuggets under 10grams. General (Gold Mode) worked better with nuggetsover 20 grams.

: Waterproof to 1 meter/3 feet: this coil is submersible to a depth of 1 meter. This makes it highly suitable for detecting in rivers or in wet or rainy conditions.

: More ground coverage: The GPZ 19 coil has 53% more area than the GPZ 14 Coil. This makes it great for open areas as it covers a lot more ground while punching deeper.

: Less ground noise The reduced ground noise comes from the reduced magnetic coupling between the transit and receive windings. Less noise means more Gold.

: Super D Technology: This means a central transmit winding and 2 outer recieve windings. The 19" Coil is less prone to mechanical vibration noise because of the isolated suspension windings.

Weight: 1830.00 grams (4.03lbs)